MPEGone - DOS MPEG and VideoCD player version 1.10

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Note: This player is discontinued. The MPEG-1 and VideoCD player is integrated into QuickView - DOS multimedia viewer.

Supported Files

Supported are MPEG files with suffix .MPG, .M1V, .MPE, .MPV and .DAT. DAT files are files from the VideoCD that are usually named AVSEQ01.DAT and so on. VideoCDs and CD-i (partly) are supported using the /VCD command.

System Requirements

The player is a 32 bit protected mode program and therefore needs at least a 80386 processor. For playback of MPEGs with higher resolutions, a Pentium 166 system is recommended. For sound decoding you must have a coprocessor. Full screen video playback is supported either using hardware scaling (certain graphics chips only) or via software (requiring more CPU power).
The player will run under DOS 3.0 or better, or in a DOS shell under Windows 95/98 and OS/2. You must have a VGA card in your system. For sound support you must have a Sound Blaster compatible sound card, a Gravis UltraSound Classic or MAX, or a Windows Sound System.


There is no installation necessary. The player will automatically detect your machine, memory and graphics card. For sound support with a Sound Blaster, compatible or ESS chip you must have the Environment variable BLASTER set containing port address, IRQ and DMA channel or the appropriate ULTRASND variable for the Gravis UltraSound. A Windows Sound System card is autodetected.

Command Line Format (most important ones only - for a complete list look in MPEG.TXT)

The command line format for the player is: MPEG [options] [filename]

-VCDx Start VideoCD playback. x is the track number. If you don't give a track number, track 2 will be assumed for VideoCDs and 1 for CD-i.
-Kx Type of video scaling:
x=0: no scaling
x=1: 2x scaling
x=2: 2x scaling with every second line black
x=3: full screen software scaling
x=4: full screen hardware scaling. This is avaliable with certain graphics chips only.
Default: Full screen hardware scaling if available, otherwise software full screen.
-Qx MPEG quality:
x=0: TrueColor
x=1: HiColor
x=2: 256 colors
x=3: Grayscale
Default: HiColor.
-Rx Select screen resolution:
x=1: 320x200
x=2: 640x480
x=3: 800x600
x=4: 1024x768
default: auto select
-C Don't switch to text mode after playing
-N Don't set video mode. This can be used together with -c, -x and -y to display graphics around the video for example. You should take care that the color depth of the video mode that is set when you start the player is equal to the one that would be selected for the video or picture.
-Jx,y Size of the video window, x is the horizontal size and y the vertical size.
-Xx Position video window at horizontal position x
-Yx Position video window at vertical position x.

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Last updated on 15th December 2017